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Namma Theni mangoes

There is Old saying “Dont sit at home and wait for mango tree to bring mangoes” but this is no more true with Namma Theni Mangoes ,We give you authentic , regional and nostalgic mangoes with single click from home…

You can get 100% carbide free mangoes. Organic fertilizer (Cow and Goat Dung) are used…

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Farm fresh.

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Namma Theni Mangoes

namma theni mangoes

Ripening instructions Manual

  • Four stages of mango ripening :
    * Skin colour changes from green to yellow
    * Starch is converted to sugar
    * Firmness decreases
    * Acidity decreases
    If mangoes are ripened under the correct conditions, the skin colour at eating ripe will be yellow, the firmness will be soft to firm depending on the variety, and the flavour sweet with little acidity present.
  • During our packing, we do include hay or straw fiber along with raw mangoes picked from farm. This will advance the ripening stage.
  • Once you receive the package, you can submerge the mangoes in a bowl of uncooked rice for a day or two. This will Speed up the ripening.

Season Sale

Our mango season starts from May 1st week and it extends till the end of August.


Our Farm fruits are free to take its own colour in its own time frame without adding any foreign catalyst.

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"The mangoes I received are so fresh and natural and organic mangoes..."
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