Senthuram / Raspuri

Raspuri Mangoes have an excellent flavor and are juicy in texture. They are rich in carotenes which is a pre cursor of vitamin A. This mango is grown widely in the south of India, primarily Karnataka. The Raspuri Mangoes are largely grown and eaten in Mysore, where their popularity is unrivalled.

Like the Alphanso and the Totapuri mango, the Raspuri mango is used in the making of ice creams, yogurts, smoothies, juices, jams and jellies.


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Neelam / Kaasa

Neelam Mangoes are known for their beautiful shape, taste and divine floral aroma. The Neelam is a popular choice and is renowned for its availability.
The Neelam is highly relished by mango fans across the globe. However, it is primarily grown in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This mango is large in size and oblong shaped with pointed base and golden yellow color.
One medium sized mango comprises of Calories, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Cholesterol.


Significantly larger than their Alphonso counterparts, the Banganapalli mango hails from a village of the same name in Andhra Pradesh. With its pleasant aroma, thin blemish-free skin and fibre-free sweet yellow pulp, the Banganapalli is certainly the choice for those who don’t like fibrous textures in their fruit.

It is also the first mango to bag the coveted Geographical Indication tag.

The fruit is described as obliquely oval in shape, around 14 cm in length, with yellow flesh and a thin, smooth yellow skin. The flesh is of a firm, meaty texture and is sweet and lacks fibre. Rich source of Vitamin A & C. This is also called king of Mangoes.

Raw Totapari Mango

Raw Totapuri

Totapuri Mango is the famous mango found primarily in Andhra Pradesh. The Totapuri Mango is also grown in the Indian States of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These mangoes are large in size and golden yellow in colour. It is oblong in shape and has a prominent beak-like pointed end. These mangoes vary in length but are generally about 7 inches long. The skin of the fruit is usually thick and the colour can vary from green to yellow.

This variety of mango is known to contain nutrients, such as vitamins A, E, C & B5 and is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C. Some of these vitamins are good for adding a glow to the skin and its antioxidant enzymes provide nourishment to body while increasing resistance power.


The specialty of this mango is its really sweet if you like sweet mangos go for it.

mangoes are known to contain more then 20 different vitamins and minerals, whish make them a super-food. The mangoes are also rich inmineralslike iron, folate, magnesium,etc..


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